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About Josey Scott

Josey is back! He’s ready to deliver the passion and drive he always has at his live shows. “I just can’t wait to feel that feeling and connection that can only come from the stage, that only fans of my music can deliver,” says Josey.

Josey has missed his fans these past 10 years while he took quality time to raise his young family.  His first love, music, is calling him back to share this next adventure via live shows and new recordings.

Josey is putting together a live show performing Saliva hits like “Click Click Boom”, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, “Your Disease” as well as “Hero” on which he collaborated with Nickelback for the hit Spiderman movie. Fans can expect some other favorites from deep in the Saliva vault. In between shows, he’s recording at renowned East Iris Recording Studios, working on his own unique interpretations of memorable Saliva songs. These recordings are an intimate way to reconnect with fans from the Saliva days through songs they know and love, while breathing new life into classics such as Always, Weight of the World, and a few other surprises.  He’s writing new material scheduled for release in September.

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